About Us

ConnectU Solutions Pty Ltd was established as a customer service orientated company with our main focus on Electronic Content Management (ECM), with a strong commitment to our customers using the OpenText brand of products, especially eDOCS previously known as Hummingbird. ConnectU Solutions also provide specialist IT support and services.


With the need for organisations to take more accountability for their documentation and information, it has become necessary for all organisations to rethink how they manage their intellectual property and information. The need to be able to search and retrieve any information, and filter out any unnecessary information, in the shortest most effective time frame, has become vital in protecting organisations and their very existence. The creation, storing, searching and retrieving of information needs to be as seamless and painless as possible, and can only really be achieved with a well maintained and supported ECM system.


ConnectU Solutions have identified such a need in the market with custom devised service solution, concerning the installation, support and management of electronic content management systems. This devised service enables ConnectU Solutions, in conjunction with clients, to target specific areas that are particularly critical to the effective functioning of ECM's. This is done by optimising the production environment and minimizing costly overheads through the reduction of unproductive down time - caused by the application failure and/or system failure as well as a lack of knowledge of the products functionality.


The stability of a well maintained ECM site enables organisations to focus more on the use and user adoption of their ECM solution, and the fine tuning of their business processes to fit their needs, rather than spending valuable time trying to maintain the ECM implementation.


The cost of maintaining and running an ECM system can be costly to an organisation. It is with this in mind that ConnectU Solutions uses a dynamically developed service level agreement (SLA) system to drastically reduce annual maintenance and technical costs. This agreement between organisations leads to a well-balanced cohesion between product and solution, enabling organisations to realise a much more representative return on their investment.


ConnectU Solutions take great pride in the capabilities and knowledge of its employees, in their respective fields, and have enabled ConnectU Solutions to render the best ECM service pertaining to OpenText eDOCS Products in South Africa.


As a recognised OpenText Partner for OpenText eDOCS Products ConnectU Solutions has the ability to offer a comprehensive partnership to its clients in all aspects of the eDOCS Products.